Register your carer support group!

Please complete the form below to register your carer support group with the Carer Peer Connect program. Registration is open to all carer support groups within NSW that are attended by carers of people with disability.

You can also register your carer support group over the phone by calling 02 9280 4744 and asking for the Carer Peer Connect team.

Registered carer support groups will have opportunities for:

  • Support group facilitator debriefing via peer support tele-meetings.
  • Education and training for support group facilitators to lead groups and for group members on a broad range of relevant topics.
  • Guest speakers to address group by request.
  • Referral where appropriate to other supports.
  • Promotion via the Carer Peer Connect program website and support group network.
  • Networking between carer support groups across NSW.
  • Facilitator Forum attendance.
  • Material support for the support group.

Some carer support groups are eligible for some small financial support. Your local Regional Assisting Organisation will identify which carer support groups in your area can best benefit from this small funding.

If you are starting up a new carer support group you may like to visit our Starting a Group page for additional information.

Should you have any questions regarding this form, please first consult the FAQ section. You can also email your query to and call the Carer Peer Connect team on 02 9280 4744.

Please visit the following page to find out how organisations can become a Regional Assisting Organisation.

If you lead/facilitate a number of carer support groups, and would like more than one group to join the Carer Peer Connect program, please complete an online registration for each group.


The Carer Peer Connect program is funded by Family and Community Services (ADHC). The program is informed by The NSW Disability Inclusion Act 2014, which states that:

"A disability includes those who have long-term physical, mental*, intellectual or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others."

* The Carer Peer Connect program does not extend to carer support groups of people with mental or psychiatric disability. Specialist services in these areas are primarily provided or funded by NSW Health. For more information visit

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Your details

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If you have an additional person who assists in the running of your group, you may provide their details here:

Support group meeting address

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Please note that the town/city your group meets in will be registered in the Carer Peer Connect group directory

We attempt to locate your position on the map using the address you entered above. If, however, the location is not accurate, please drag and drop the pin to its correct location.

Registration questions

For new carer groups, please complete the registration questions below based on expected outcomes of your group, consider who will attend your group, how many carers you expect to attend, etc.

    Please list the types of disabilities (one disability per field) that you support in your group, e.g. autism, brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, hearing or vision impairment, genetic illness, physical disability (up to 4)

Your profile on the Carer Peer Connect website

Once registered, your group's details will be added to the directory of carer support groups on the Carer Peer Connect website.

Add a photo or logo to personalise your group page
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Add a few words to describe your group
Add phone numbers and email addresses so people can get in touch to attend your group.
Please note these contacts details will be published for public viewing! If you do not wish to have details published, please leave the field blank.

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Carers NSW will use this information for the purposes of reviewing your eligibility to join the Carer Peer Connect program. Your information will be provided to a Regional Assisting Organisation in your Local Health District for them to provide possible local assistance. Please advise Carers NSW if you do not wish this to occur.

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